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Introducing Collaborative Patent Search for INDUSTRY, a proven, scientific search process that maintains our high quality results.

About Beacon Innovation Group

Beacon was founded with the primary purpose of finding a way to make high quality patent searches on complex technologies a reality. Our method, Collaborative Patent Search® does exactly this. With the combined efforts of searchers with converging backgrounds (eg a mechanical engineer + a chemist to conduct a medical device search), our patent searches can easily cover complex technologies that had no scalable solutions in the past.

As an interesting byproduct, we discovered that when Collaborative Patent Search® is applied to technology that doesn't require two different educational backgrounds, the results are still impressive. In fact, in 24 hours of combined searcher effort using Collaborative Patent Search®, our team is able to surpass the quality achieved by 36 hours of an experienced searcher working alone.

With Collaborative Patent Search®, our team was able to find invalidating prior art in 87% of over 400 consecutive searches conducted in the high tech area.*

* This statistic was validated by our IP attorney clients. All searches were conducted between March and September of 2013. "Invalidating prior art" includes both 102 and 103 art.

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