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Does your company need a cookie-cutter solution for your IP business needs? Probably not. Collaborate with patent agents, engineers and business experts to get a cost effective solution that works for you.

Innovative Thinking Drives Better Results

Collaborative Patent Search®

Two things have never existed in our industry before:

  • The ability to produce high quality patent searches covering complex technologies dependably and cost effectively
  • A scientific process for patent searching that finally allows quality to be consistent even on a large volume of searches - perfect for corporate needs Introducing Collaborative Patent Search® - modernizing patent searching to give you peace of mind.

Collaborative Patent Drafting TM

With a 70% grant rate, our proven Patent Agent + engineer Collaborative teams can help you save as much as 40% on your prosecution costs. Develop your practice, give yourself the time to concentrate on higher value client work, or expand the capabilities of your in house IP team.


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